It’s looking like a bounce-back year for NFL Draft busts

If this preseason, or the two weeks of it we’ve played so far, is any indication, it’s going to be a very good year for first-round picks whose star has faded over the last few years for various reasons. In Cleveland, RG3 is making highlight reel plays again. Jadeveon Clowney, the first overall pick in 2014, finally looked like guy who became a legend for destroying that Michigan running back way back when.

Even Christian Ponder made our all-star list for the second week of the preseason.

BROWNS OFFENSE: Breaking down the Browns offense with RG3. Here’s a great look at Cleveland’s second offensive series from Friday night, the one that ended with a 50-yard touchdown throw to Terrelle Pryor.

He led the NFL in interceptions that season with 10, including a three-interception game against Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday Night Football that made him an instant star. He eventually fell out of favor with the Chargers and was traded to the New York Jets, where he elevated his play and earned a four-year, $32 million contract.

After two Pro Bowl seasons with the Jets, Cromartie was released in 2014 as a cap casualty, spent one year with the Arizona Cardinals and was released by the Jets as a cap casualty again in 2016.

While he’s not the player he once was and could be close to through in the NFL, he’s still a player who has been a starter for eight years and has missed just two games over that span. Cromartie will at least provide depth, which the Colts need in a desperate way.

“It’s not pretty. It’s a little scary right now,” Colts head coach Chuck Pagano said earlier Monday when asked about the current state of the secondary.

Indianapolis has suffered several injuries at cornerback, including to No. 1 corner Vontae Davis. Davis suffered a sprained ankle last week and could miss the first month of the season.

Mike Mularkey is bad for Marcus Mariota’s career

An early look at Mike Mularkey’s outdated offense with Marcus Mariota. This is not a good thing for Mariota’s career. Mularkey’s offense leans too much on making Mariota run, but the passing game is having a far more deleterious effect on his career. Here’s how Cian Fahey describes it:

“With a great quarterback, someone who can move in the pocket like Mariota does, someone who can manipulate coverages, throw against pressure and read through progressions like Mariota does, it’s not smart to simplify your passing game,” Fahey said. “Great quarterbacks need options. In today’s NFL where the rules heavily favor the receivers, your goal should be to have as many receivers on the field as possible while letting the quarterback keep his eyes on them to find them.”

Hey, that’s not a good thing! If the Titans want to get behind Mariota and play their way back to relevance, they may need a new head coach before it’s too late.

John Clayton says Jeff Fisher is in line for a three-year extension from the Rams. The ESPN reporter suggested the Rams head coach’s new deal would be announced along with Michael Brockers’ contract. It’s possible. At nine losses away from having more coaching losses than anyone else in NFL history, the Rams definitely don’t want to let this one get away.

WEEK 2 PREVIEW: NFL Week 2 preview: Vikings debut Birdkiller Stadium — This week the Uffsides crew previews two Wild Card rematches, two games at “new” stadiums, and one lousy Monday Night Football game. They probably should have talked about Bucs-Cardinals instead.

NO FINES: NFL not expected to fine Titans player who wore 9/11 tribute cleats. Five other NFL players wore patriotic cleats during their games on Sept. 11.

HOSS OF THE WEEK: Leonard Williams wrecks shop no matter where the Jets put him, The Jets’ second-year defensive lineman is Stephen White’s Hoss of the Week.

BROCKERS EXTENSION: Rams, DT Michael Brockers agree to a three-year contract extension. Finally, some good news for the Rams.

MORE OWNERS WEIGH IN ON PROTESTS: Jerry Jones believes that the anthem controversy “really disappointing.” The Cowboys owner is also a big backer of The Shield, go figure. Jones doesn’t speak for all the owners though. Four protesting Dolphins joined by a big fifth — owner Steve Ross. Ross applauded the four Dolphins players who knelt during the anthem.

Josh Norman and Odell Beckham Jr. are suddenly playing nice after months of trash talk

Josh Norman and Odell Beckham Jr. couldn’t stop trading barbs last year and throughout the offseason. So when Norman signed with Washington in free agency, his two games against the Giants and OBJ were circled on most football fans’ calendars. But now, just days away from their first rematch, they both seem to be singing a different tune.

Norman was asked Wednesday about his on-field altercation with Beckham last season, which climaxed when he threw the Giants wideout to the ground for no discernible reason during a pass play. Now, he says he’s moved on.

The Browns, once again, can’t catch a break. If blowing an 18-point lead against the Baltimore Ravens Sunday wasn’t bad enough, they’ve now lost a total of four starters to injury this week. Coleman, the No. 15 overall pick out of Baylor, was one of the few bright spots through Cleveland’s first two games of the season. He caught five passes for 104 yards and two touchdowns in the Browns’ loss to the Ravens.

In addition to Coleman, the Browns have lost both of their top quarterbacks already. Robert Griffin III, who started Week 1, was placed on injured reserve recently with a left shoulder injury and will reportedly be out for 8-12 weeks. His replacement, veteran Josh McCown, briefly left last week’s contest with a shoulder injury as well. He’ll be out Sunday, paving the way for rookie Cody Kessler to take the reins under center — now likely without his No. 1 wideout and starting center.

That’s right, injuries have struck the Browns in the trenches as well. Cam Erving was hospitalized with a bruised lung over the weekend and is expected to miss at least one month. On the defensive side, lineman Carl Nassib broke his hand during the loss to Baltimore. The rookie will need surgery.

With a new head coach and statistically inclined front office, the Browns appeared to be turning the page on their tortured past. However, the events of the last few days show those efforts have been for naught.

“It’s tough (to have so many injuries) but that’s part of the NFL,” Hoyer said after the game. “That’s the way the cookie crumbles. Injuries are part of the game, unfortunately. You just have to hope that the next man up is ready to go.”

Minnesota’s defense has been a factor in both of the team’s wins so far this season. Zimmer is confident that the team can still succeed, even as the injuries to key offensive players continue to pile up.

“This team to me is a team — I’ve said before — they’re resilient, they’re tough, they’re competitive,” Zimmer said.

Le’Veon Bell: ‘If he has a pep in his step, I think Landry can strike it’

Pittsburgh Steelers backup quarterback Landry Jones said he is prepared to play this week against the New England Patriots in case Ben Roethlisberger’s knee surgery keeps him out of the lineup.

Le’Veon Bell hopes that means Jones is ready to fire the ball. The Steelers want a loose, confident Jones.

Quite obviously, Smith wants the job.

Does he have a set-up man?

[For] more than 16 years because I came back here as an opponent, [too] I always found myself looking up at those names and just really being in awe, Favre said of the ring of honor. And never did that get old to me. Never once did I think about what it would be like for my name to be up there. I dont mean that with any disrespect. I just and Ive said this many times I never looked at myself then or now as an equal to Bart Starr.

So when I look up and see Don Hutson, Ray Nitschke, Fuzzy Thurston, Willie Wood, Willie Davis … I place myself at a lower level than those guys. I have a tremendous amount of respect for them and what theyve done for us along the way. I saw it unveiled, I read my name, it made perfect sense, but it doesnt register yet. And that may take some time. Much like the Hall of Fame itself. I know its real, but it doesnt feel seem real.

Favres Thanksgiving night return to Lambeau Field last year was to see his No. 4 unveiled on the north end zone fa?ade, where it joined Whites No. 92, Nitschkes No. 66, Starrs No. 15, Hutsons No. 14 and Tony Canadeos No. 3 as the franchise’s retired numbers. The highlight that night, before the Packers went on to a 17-13 defeat, was Starr sharing the stage with Favre. Starr had suffered multiple strokes and a heart attack in the fall of 2014, but he was able to stand on the Lambeau Field turf and give Favre a hug during the celebration.

Favre first returned to Lambeau Field on July 18, 2015, when he was inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame. The standing ovation and loving reception he received that night was the opposite of how fans had treated him in 2009 and 2010, when he came back as a member of the rival Minnesota Vikings.

Given the Packers on-field struggles with Favre in attendance, perhaps another offseason visit it in order.

[Being honored] has been really awesome, Favre said. It sure beats the alternative no one caring, no one honoring you. But you dont want to overdo it.